Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge

It is not only a functional lifeline for the city, but also a tourist attraction that attracts visitors from all over the world.The bridge is a popular spot for tourists to take photographs and admire the view of the river and the cityscape. The view from the bridge is particularly stunning at sunset, when the sky turns orange and pink and the lights of the city begin to twinkle.

The Howrah Bridge is also famous for its appearances in Bollywood movies, and is often used as a backdrop for romantic scenes. It has become a symbol of love and romance for many young people in India. Aside from its cultural and romantic significance, the Howrah Bridge is an impressive feat of engineering. It was built in 1943 and is made entirely of steel, with no nuts or bolts used in its construction.

The bridge is supported by two massive pillars on either end, which are 270 feet tall. The Howrah Bridge is not only a tourist attraction, but also a vital lifeline for the people of Kolkata. It is estimated that over 100,000 vehicles and pedestrians cross the bridge every day, making it one of the busiest bridges in the world. It is also a crucial link for the people of Kolkata to access the rest of the country.

In addition to its functional and cultural significance, the Howrah Bridge is also a food lover’s paradise. The area surrounding the bridge is home to many street food vendors, selling local delicacies such as jhal muri, phuchka, and kathi rolls. These delicious snacks are a must-try for anyone visiting Kolkata, and the Howrah Bridge is the perfect place to sample them.

Overall, the Howrah Bridge is a must-visit tourist attraction in Kolkata. Whether you are interested in engineering marvels, cultural symbols, romantic backdrops, or delicious street food, the bridge has something for everyone. It is a unique and unforgettable experience to stand on the bridge and take in the view of the Hooghly River and the bustling city of Kolkata.

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